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Uploading your Video from a 3rd Party

KNOXX™ is designed to allow you to easily add your video using whatever hosting service you prefer. The most popular options are YouTube and Vimeo. In either case, as well as with most other options, uploading a video is a simple process. The first step is to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. Then follow the instructions to select a video on your local computer. The website will help you transfer the video, and your job is all but done. The video hosting service will optimize your video for streaming over the internet, and in many cases let you do basic editing and even add background music if you like.

Once the video is ready, the website will notify you and you can complete the last step of adding your video to KNOXX™. You simply need to copy the video web address to your KNOXX™ profile page, in the Upload New Video page. The video address will look something like:

If KNOXX™ returns an error that the video couldn't be embedded, you'll need to enable the embed settings from your video options page.

Additionally, if you'd like to prevent your video from being searchable on YouTube, remember to use the "Unlisted" setting within YouTube.

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